Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Toothbrush

To a vast majority of us, proper oral hygiene simply is a twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing, something that an ordinary toothbrush can comfortably handle. The question, however, isn’t about whether your simple toothbrush is suitable for the job, but rather if it will reliably provide superior plaque removal.

Now, have you heard of an electronic toothbrush and wondered whether it’s worth the hype it has generated?
This simple technology marvel promises to take a bit of the muscle off your day-to-day bathroom routine. It turns out that despite being a rather expensive choice, an electronic toothbrush rightly is what you need to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy!
That and other information from Dental Dorks justifies this in multiple ways!

1. It thoroughly cleans, keeping your teeth, gums and the tongue cleaner and healthier
First, many of us don’t know that it’s recommended to spend two minutes brushing and thus fail to do it gently for such a period. They also take due diligence when cleaning their teeth, and they particularly don’t let the brush clean everywhere around the entire set of teeth and gums. And so, this brush manages to eliminate this problem using its rotating head with soft bristles, all in just two minutes.

2. Superior plaque removalThe fame surrounding this unique type of toothbrush isn’t simply because of the fact that its rechargeable. Electric toothbrushes come in various head types, including rotation oscillation, circular, counter oscillation, side-by-side and ultra-sonic.
The reason for this is to ensure it offers a superb and reliable plaque removal without putting in too much effort, something that was effectively confirmed in a 2005 independent study. It found that because of the rapid rotation oscillation action, electric toothbrush was more effective in removing plaque and subsequently reducing gingivitis.

3. A futuristic device!
With an electric toothbrush, you will not have to keep twisting and turning its head, possibly to get the cleanest final result. After turning it on, the brush does its job, effectively reaching every area of your mouth, including those that a normal brush would render hard to reach. Mostly, you only need to dial a knob and relax as it does the brushing!

4. Ease of use – incredibly easy to use!
A regular manual toothbrush is straightforward to use – you just have to guide it to brush off dirt and debris along the surface of your teeth. But after several backs and forth movements and the assumption that your teeth and gums are clean, you assume that you are good to go!
The problem here, however, isn’t the fact that this method can’t be really trusted to offer a thorough cleaning of the teeth. Those with arthritis may not use a regular toothbrush, pretty much like kids. An electric toothbrush is fit for all and will get the job done, regardless of whether one knows how to use it or not!

5. Effective for those with a bad breath

For you to have a foul smelling mouth, food particles must have stuck on the nooks and crannies between your teeth. And so, you just need to switch to an electric toothbrush to not only get rid of the debris, but also get rid of the bad smell.
You know what? – It is dentist recommended
With all these reasons, it’s understandable why an overwhelming number of dentists from all over the planet recommend an electric toothbrush over the manual one.