Fixing your smile

Teeth normally contributes to the degree of our smile. It is therefore vital to maintain good oral hygiene practices that include regular flossing, brushing twice a day and having an appointment with the dentist. All these when correctly done leads to healthy teeth and gums. Many tends to run to the dentist when having a tooth ache or an infection, which somehow sounds ironical.

Having regular visits to the dentist, not to have your aching tooth pulled out, but an appointment for check up and cleaning could be of much help in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The dentistry visit, which is mostly after six months, should not be neglected since its loaded with bunch of benefits. Some include:

ReguIar check up promotes one’s overall health. This is due to the fact that the dentist will always perform oral health examination as part of the procedure. Any slight change of the normal oral tissues may be a sign of a health problem. For instance, undiagnosed diabetes can be detected in case occurrence of oral yeast infection in individuals who are not under antibiotics treatment. Also, oral cancer can be easily detected still in its early and controllable stage when regular visits to dentist are done.

ReguIar visit also ensures proper removal of plaque and tartar which may have accumulated in time. Tartar, which forms after the plaque has harden, mainly forms below or above gum line leading to serious gum disease such as periodontitis that deteriorate the gum and the bone supporting the teeth. Regular visits to the dentist ensures removal of tartar through scaling which can’t be achieved by normal brushing or flossing.

It helps to detect any teeth or gum abnormalities. During check up, x-ray is performed and any occurrence of blocked developing teeth underneath the gum is easily noticed. This could prevent occurrence of secondary complications which may include tumor and gum swelling. Also gum disease can be detected by the abnormal wider depth space between the gums and the teeth.

It ensures proper professional teeth cleaning. This involves a couple of steps where plaque and calculus (tartar) is totally removed. The teeth are then cleaned to remove any surface stain using a gritty paste. Flossing is usually the last step done between the teeth to ensure hundred percent clean, sparkling white teeth.

The check up normally involves examination of the face, lowerjaw ioint, lymph nodes, tongue, face and neck. This helps to detect any health related sign that couldn’t be easily noticeable by the individual thus taking the necessary measures. It also helps to regulate one’s habit that may contributing to these signs such as smoking. oReguIar visit to the dentist gives one an opportunity to know their overall oral health. It also gives an opportunity to the dentist to recommend the best oral hygiene practices, correct oral product to use and the general oral advice to the individual.

Generally, for healthy gums and teeth regular visits to the dentist should not be ignored. Regular check up may cut off the cost to be used on late diagnosed diseases which may detected early by dentist. It ensures good overall health of an individual and promotes habits that contribute to hygienic oral health.