All about Social Security Number

In the United States the Social Security number is a nine-digit number issued by the separate Federal Social Security Administration for US citizens, both permanent and temporary residents.

It is used as a general identification number for tax, army, employment, hunting and other purposes which can be found on, where it gradually replaced the previously used systems.

Generally it primarily purpose is individual monitoring of population for social security purposes under president Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930

Social security number can be obtained from the 88-5 application form. This sis application for a social security number card. This number is often required when applying for ajob, in a banks to open accounts, for renting apartment, as well as when providing medical services.

The numbers are recorded in the form 078-05-1120 (region, number, consecutive number in the group) Unlike many others identifiers (for example TiN) do not have a check digit.

By 2011 the numbers was divided into three groups in the format AAA-GG-SSSS

    • AAA- represents area of federal states
    • GG- group numbers
    • SSSS-are serial numbers of people

The appearance of the card and the material from which is made depend on the year of production. The Social Security agency recommends that you store the card in a safe place and do not carry it around with you at all times. If a citizen changes his name for free and without changing his number, a new card is issued, In case of you loss of the card, it will be re-made free of change.

Form SS-5 is form thatyou must fill in when you need to take new one card or for replacing

On the other hand there are various situations which obliged you to fill in this form.

You need a social security card because of your employment and you are applying for card first time in your life

Your previous card is loosen

    • You have new name or surname and you must officially changed yours data
    • If you from a green status become finally US citizen

If your card have some errors or wrongs data in social security card

    • In case that you want that your children have a Social security number.
    • In case that an adult person allows you to manage with their finances

Filing up SS-5 form and generally preparing all documentation it is a little complicate, but you don’t need so much time for that. Every procedure is on older way. There is no way for applying on line. The form SS-% must be completed with other attached documents, and after that you must mail ti directly to Security office or bring them in Security office.

Globally, for fill in the form you need at least 20 minutes, but for a new social card you must wait for a minimum of seven days. Since January 2011 SNS have been issued a random without identifying areas, with the sole control of uniqueness In addition to identification number, the Tax Authorities operate the individual Taxpayer identification number ( ITIN) taxpayer system to prevent identity theft, especially tax refunds. It also uses real estate transactions